No Bra

I shook Emma awake. She took one look at my angry face out of her sleepy eyes and knew I was in a foul mood. She had a sixth sense, knowing not to talk when I was like this. I waited for her impatiently while she showered and got ready. I watched her get dressed. … More No Bra

Fly Like a Bird

And away we went. I would never have thought I would be so calm. I climbed onto the small plane with twenty other people. We sat two by two on narrow benches with the instructors strapped onto our backs. My instructor put clear goggles on my eyes and pulled it tight. We quickly climbed up … More Fly Like a Bird

Her Lips

Fuck, she was a looker. Thigh-high boots, round ass, perky tits with her nipples poking out in the cool air, messy tousled hair. Fuck, her lips! When did she put on lipstick? Her pouty full lips were even puffier with bright Russian-red lipstick. My dick was standing up like a flagpole in my jeans. She … More Her Lips


I reached over to put on my jeans and felt my cell phone vibrating. From my jean pocket, I took out the old flip phone that was held together by duct tape to see Ana calling me. “Bok?” “Where are you? We’ve been waiting for you all night!” Ana yelled over the loud techno music … More Ana


After he came for another full minute, he slowly pulled both of us down to the seat so we were laying spoon fashion on our right sides. Both of us were quiet. Neither one spoke. All I could hear was the crashing of the ocean waves outside and our labored breathing. “You smell good. My … More Loyal


Man, he is hot! I was suddenly so aroused I couldn’t keep still. My pelvis was moving on its own accord, and my nipples were hard like berries. I couldn’t control a terrible need to touch myself and to pinch my nipples. It was a combination of a burning and an itchy sensation. My forehead … More Hot


I loved to tease her. She was so easily offended. If she’d only known how I really felt about her. I did not realize how much I missed her until I saw her standing there like an idiot in front of the window, not coming in. I did not consciously make her walk. All I … More Wish