Swear Words

I couldn’t believe the stuff I was writing to Evon. I was brought up prim and proper. I never swore. Even when I thought of swearing, the words felt strange on my tongue before I even said it out loud. And here I was writing so many swear words my mother would have had a … More Swear Words

Warm Silk

I was dreaming about that girl. I was fucking her as if I’d never fucked her before. I wanted to drill her to the other side of the earth. She was just as wild, biting and scratching. She didn’t want gentle; she wanted rough and hard. The harder I fucked her, the more she responded … More Warm Silk

Sex Maniac

What is happening to me? I’m a sex maniac! I couldn’t get enough. I was still horny, and we’d already made love three times. We hadn’t even kiss. I hadn’t even taken off my clothes, not even my underwear! I pulled my underwear up and walked slowly back to the car. Evon was leaning partly … More Sex Maniac

Prim and Proper

She looked like just the type I couldn’t stand—wanted to talk about everything, shocked if I fucked her doggy style, and cried at the drop of a hat if I said the wrong thing. I was so pissed by the way she was affecting me, just sitting there quietly with her seatbelt buckled and her … More Prim and Proper


I turned completely around and was confronted by Evon in all his glory. He was still in his underwear. His dark hair was glistening, wet from the shower. His forehead was high with sharp, thick eyebrows; his eyes deep set, a light brown but shadowed and mysterious-looking; his cheekbones high, with asymmetrical dimples in both … More Vortex


I am not sure how long I had lain there when I felt the lightest touch on my left cheek. The touch felt lighter than a feather, but the heat that trailed after the touch was so intense I felt it clear to my bones. My insides melted. I felt weightless but invincible at the … More Heat