Meat Sandwich

“Bok. We noticed you’ve been alone all night. I’m Gabi, and this is my friend Nina.” The taller of the two smiled a flirtatious smile as she leaned into me.


I could smell her sweet but slightly nauseating perfume. She and her friend were quite good-looking, just up my alley with big boobs, dark hair, and a general sluttiness about them. I knew exactly what they wanted by the way they were both running their hungry eyes up and down my body, stopping periodically at my growing crotch. I hadn’t had a woman in months, and I was drunk enough to know I wanted to fuck anything with a pussy.

“What did you girls have in mind?” I asked nonchalantly.


“How about a sandwich, and you’re the meat?” the other girl chimed in, putting one hand on her friend’s ass and the other hand on my hard-on.

I almost jumped out of my pants when her hand squeezed me. Hard. They knew they had me when I didn’t push her hand away. Keeping her hand on my dick, she led me to a back office and locked the door from the inside.

Nina pushed me onto a leather sofa and unbuckled my belt. My too-hard dick popped out after much struggle with my boxer briefs.

“Holy shit! That’s a monster!” Nina exclaimed with glee.

Both girls kneeled between my legs and took turns licking and sucking my dick while they kissed and fondled each other. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to enjoy the attention. But I couldn’t come. You would think with two girls sucking my dick, I would’ve come in three seconds flat, but one of the girls kept scraping my dick with her teeth and other one’s fake nails nipped my balls. Fuck! They’re annoying me.

“Stop!” I commanded as I stood up to put my pants back on.

“Why? Where are you going? We’re just getting started,” Gabi complained as she attempted to pull my pants down.


From Thousand-Year-Old Dream: Out of Ashes



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