I picked them out easily. There was a crowd of horny young soldiers vying for their attention.

Image 5-1-17 at 12.49 PM

All three were dressed in similar short, skintight dresses that left little to the imagination. Big hair, long nails, and five-inch heels. I knew the type too well. They were not here to fuck; they were here to conquer.

I strutted over to them like I was the mayor of the town. As soon as I made eye contact, I winked and rubbed my dick. All three sets of eyes were glued to my crotch as I made my way to the bar. The young bucks parted like the Red Sea to let me through. I sauntered up to the bar, slapped one slut hard on her jiggly ass, and leaned in to kiss another one on her neck. Before I leaned away, I made sure there was a nice sized hickey on her neck.

“Bartender, four straight whiskeys,” I ordered, keeping my eyes on the sluts.

“Hey, what about me?” The third one pouted her lips as she pushed her way through the other two and rubbed her big tits on my belly. I reached down to her fat pussy, snaking my middle finger into her sloppy hole. She swooned and moaned like a cat in heat.

I gently set her away from me, picked up my drink, and said, “To the three most beautiful ladies in Croatia. I drink to your incomparable beauty.” I downed my whiskey with one swallow. They did the same to their drinks. I held out my elbows, “Let’s go!” I commanded.

Two hooked their arms through mine and the third to her friend. I smiled down at them warmly and then gently delivered them into the arms of Martin, who was just barely though the door, still deciding where to go.

“Here you are. As promised,” I said smugly.

“No fucking way!” Martin gasped.


Martin checked his watch. “Fuck! Four minutes and nineteen seconds.” He checked again not believing his eyes.

“Hmmm, not bad, but I could’ve done better. Next time. Get your ironing board out.” I howled with amusement as I walked away.

“Hey! You! What the fuck is going on?” one of sluts demanded angrily.


From Thousand-Year-Old Dream: Out of Ashes


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