Three Other Sluts

“Emma!” Evon hollered.



“Come here.”

I rushed from the kitchen to the bedroom to see Evon completely naked spread-eagled on the bed. His penis was huge and looked as hard as a rock pointing straight at the ceiling. My mouth watered, my vagina weeped, and my eyes popped-opened glued to the monster.

“Do you want it?” Evon taunted.

“Of course I do! I’m dying here. You’ve been torturing me ever since we got here.” I replied angrily.

“You don’t deserve it. How much do you want it?”

“I haven’t seen or touch or suck a dick, let alone fuck a dick since the last time I saw you.”

“Neither have I.”

“Fuck you.” I laughed.

“If I find out you haven’t been faithful to me, I will kill you. Then I will take your kidneys.” Evon threatened

“Why my kidneys?”

“Because your heart is already taken.”

“By whom?”

“Never mind. Shut up and go put on your red lipstick.” Evon commanded.

I was a little confused but I obeyed. I carefully painted on my favorite Mac lipstick called Russian roulette. My lips looked candy-apple red, fat and puffy, almost like it was injected with silicone.

“What’s taking so long? Hurry.” Evon yelled.

“What’s the rush? We’ve got all night.” I mumbled still trying to paint on the lipstick without going over my lip line.

“I’ve got three other sluts waiting in the basement.”

Totally forgetting about the lipstick, I rushed the bed with a fists clenched. Before I had a chance to throw the first punch, Evon had me on my back and his penis inside me in one smooth motion.

I screamed at the scalding heat and the painful stretching.


From Thousand-Year-Old Dream: Ad Astra


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