Strip Club

I ended up at a strip club called Sapphire. The girls were warm and the beer was cold which suited me just fine.


I found a comfortable couch with a clear view of the pole dancers. The attentive waitress with most of her boobs spilling out kept the beers coming. I probably had at least half of the girls in the club sit on my lap and rubbed their naked perky tits on me but my dick was not interested. Finally two dark-skinned girls of mixed race with gigantic boobs made eye contact. I stood up, followed them upstairs to the darken private rooms, and sat down on the long couch with my legs spread wide.

They posed provocatively in front of me as I got comfortable; then began dancing and undressing each other to the sinuous music pulsating through the club. I spread my legs wider and rubbed my enlarging dick though my jeans. The one with long dark hair sat astride me feeding me her huge boobs. I buried my face in the soft flesh and squeeze the round orbs hard with my hands. She moaned loudly and frantically pumped her wet pussy in nothing but a string against my dick.

The other girl was right behind her moving in synchronization and scratching my tight balls with her long sharp nails. Then they switched places. Then they were on either side of me rubbing my dick and feeding me their humongous boobs at the same time.
My dick was painfully hard but I couldn’t come. The girls were trying their hardest to make me come.

“Mr. Svacic, your half hour is over. If you would like to continue, that would be another five hundred dollars.” A man dressed in a suit with a earpiece shined a piercing light straight into my eyes.

“What the fuck? Can’t you wait until I done? Get off me!” I was so pissed by the annoying interruption, I stood up too fast and dumped the naked girls on their asses.

Fuck, that didn’t help things at all. If anything, I was in a worse mood with a splitting headache and blue balls. I smashed my fist into the nearest wall as I exited the club. I gotta get out of here before I punch more holes. I quickly hailed a taxi to take me to Nicholas’ private jet waiting at the airport. I looked at my watch and it read 5:46 am. Fuck, I was in that club for almost six hours!

I needed to fight, to kill, to maim, anything to forget that lying bitch who stoled my heart, my seed, my mind and my sanity.


From Thousand-Year-Old Dream: Ad Astra


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