I felt dizzy, constantly kept on the edge of orgasm but not quite.


I began to fight back by crawling forward away from the onslaught and by rubbing myself with my hand. One touch and I’m a goner.

But Evon was faster. He folded my arms at my elbow and held me easily in a vice-grip with his powerful arms. He continued to pump slowly in and out of me until I became so insensate I was like a vegetable.

I lost track of time after a while.

Just when I thought I would surely faint from the stress, Evon moved me so that I was kneeling on my knees with my upper body bent forward all the way to the bed and my arms by my side. His cock felt ten times thicker and bigger in this position. He held me down while he fucked me slowly. My vagina was so swollen from the stimulation and compressed so small by the position of my contorted body he could barely move in and out.

“Please, please, please. I can’t breathe. I feel faint,” I begged again.

But instead of letting me come, he cruelly yanked his cock out of vagina and shoved it into my anus. I was unprepared for the assault. He held my shoulders tightly and slammed into me with all his Herculean strength. I felt his cock all the way to my throat.

I exploded. My body convulsed as if I had been electrocuted. I tried to stay conscious, but I lost the battle. My vagina was still contracting and spasming around thin air along with the rest of my body when everything went dark.


From Thousand-Year-Old Dream: The One

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