Every Toy in the Bag

I have to go. I couldn’t delay anymore. Nicholas called a few hours ago and gave me the update.


Poor sweet Emma passed out from the night’s excesses. I used her like an expensive whore I paid for the night. Nothing was out of bounds. I used every toy in the bag sometimes two or three at the same time. Sometimes the toys went in the same hole as my dick. I had to admit to myself I had never fucked like that in my life, not even in my younger days when I fucked and indulged in orgies with the dirtiest sluts in all of Croatia. Innocent Emma brought out the devil in me, the debauchery was off the charts. I knew she would be sore for days.

I untied her arms and placed her hands on her soft belly. She sighed but did not wake. I leaned down and kissed her slightly parted lips. Her fragrant breath and tingling mouth pulled me in like the sea pulls in a drowning man. I would gladly drown than to live without her. The world was a my personal utopia with her in it. A world without her was not worth living. With one last longing glance at her angelic face and her sultry body, I tugged the sheet carefully over her.

Fuck! My time with her was always cut short, ending before it even started. When will I live a normal life with her? I dreamed a day when I can tend to my chickens, pigs, and vegetables in my beloved countryside with Emma by my side. But that day was not today. Today I had a score to settle. I will end this once and for all.

Luka was waiting for me when I came downstairs. “Everything is ready. The car is waiting. Be careful.” He gave me a tight hug.

“Take care of Emma. Make sure she doesn’t leave the hotel.”

“I will.”

“Thank you for everything.”

“Don’t thank me. Just come back.”


From Thousand-Year-Old Dream: Out of Ashes

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