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9781483430744_COVER.inddEmma Ford never does anything crazy. But with five months left to live, Emma changes her perspective, checks off one item on her bucket list, and heads to war-torn Croatia on vacation. Even though Evon Svacic has a master’s degree, economic circumstances in his native country of Croatia have forced him to take any job just to make a few kunas.

When destiny leads Emma to the restaurant where he works as a waiter, Evon cannot ignore their strong physical attraction and invites her to a club later that evening—a decision that leads to an unforgettable night driven by passion and seemingly insatiable desires. After Emma returns home to San Diego, she cannot ignore the raging hunger she has for him. Thousand-Year-Old Dream weaves seduction with the supernatural world as an American and her Croatian lover attempt to fulfill his ultimate destiny as Jedan, the One.

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book 2 cover   Six months after her life is drastically changed by a chance meeting with Evon Svacic, Emma Ford lies shackled to a metal bedpost in a dark room, unsure of her fate. Life has lost all meaning since she watched a cargo plane disappeared into the sky surely taking her beloved Evon to his death.

Evon, ten thousand miles away fighting a brutal war, clings to Emma’s emails like a lifeline. But a menacing email from Emma’s hacked account sets off a chain of events. A sinister maniac, a mysterious stranger, and life-changing revelations threaten to tear the lovers apart.

Out of Ashes continues the seductive tale of an American and her Croatian lover as they battle to save their love while attempting to fulfill the Thousand-Year-Old Dream.


Available at Lulu.com, Amazon, iBooks, Nook


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