Every Hole

I involuntarily arched my back and jerked when I felt the big bulbous head at my entrance as if I had been electrocuted. The heat, the burning, and the painful stretching of my sensitive tissue was incredible. I screamed but no sound came out. Evon in his need was incapable of stopping in mid-push. He … More Every Hole

American Pussy

“I always wanted to see what an American pussy looks like,” he mumbled. “Don’t all pussies look alike?” “No, they don’t all look alike. Yours is different.” “How?” He didn’t answer. Slowly, he leaned forward to give me a long and hard lick right between my legs. Holy shit! His tongue was so rough but … More American Pussy

Blue Balls

If I didn’t fuck her soon, I was going to explode. My balls were literally inside my body they were so tight. I adjusted my hard-on in my jeans. Man, this is getting painfully uncomfortable. What is with this girl? Totally not my type. Way too pure looking, doesn’t look like she even knows how … More Blue Balls

It’s Never Enough

I frantically planted kisses on his neck, shoulder, neck, face, and finally ending at his lips. The second our lips touched, it was wildfire all over again. The heat, the tingling, the intoxicating smell—there was no hesitation like most first kisses. There was no testing out the water, or figuring out how our lips should … More It’s Never Enough

10 Highly Desirable but Extinct Qualities Men Desperately Want in a Woman

There are approximately 8,000 online dating sites worldwide and 1,000 more are popping up every year, not to mention mega social media sites like Facebook and Foursquare. But why? Because the need to meet “the one” is huge. There are over 90 million singles in the US alone between the ages of 19-45 looking for … More 10 Highly Desirable but Extinct Qualities Men Desperately Want in a Woman