Fly Like a Bird

And away we went. I would never have thought I would be so calm. I climbed onto the small plane with twenty other people. We sat two by two on narrow benches with the instructors strapped onto our backs. My instructor put clear goggles on my eyes and pulled it tight. We quickly climbed up … More Fly Like a Bird

Strip Club

I ended up at a strip club called Sapphire. The girls were warm and the beer was cold which suited me just fine. I found a comfortable couch with a clear view of the pole dancers. The attentive waitress with most of her boobs spilling out kept the beers coming. I probably had at least … More Strip Club

Every Hole

I involuntarily arched my back and jerked when I felt the big bulbous head at my entrance as if I had been electrocuted. The heat, the burning, and the painful stretching of my sensitive tissue was incredible. I screamed but no sound came out. Evon in his need was incapable of stopping in mid-push. He … More Every Hole

Blue Balls

If I didn’t fuck her soon, I was going to explode. My balls were literally inside my body they were so tight. I adjusted my hard-on in my jeans. Man, this is getting painfully uncomfortable. What is with this girl? Totally not my type. Way too pure looking, doesn’t look like she even knows how … More Blue Balls

Something Weird…

I slapped her until her ass cheeks were a nice rosy shade of pink. Every time my palm connected with her ass, I felt the electricity zing from my hand straight to my dick. I looked down to see my dickhead dripping with pre-come. I gave her asshole a few licks before I slowly worked … More Something Weird…


I hate him. He’s a mean, moody sadist. But why am I still so horny just looking at him lounging on the bed like a Greek god? “I hate you!” I sneered with feeling. The bastard had the audacity to smile while he retorted, “I know.” When I continued to stand next to the bed … More Sadist

It’s Never Enough

I frantically planted kisses on his neck, shoulder, neck, face, and finally ending at his lips. The second our lips touched, it was wildfire all over again. The heat, the tingling, the intoxicating smell—there was no hesitation like most first kisses. There was no testing out the water, or figuring out how our lips should … More It’s Never Enough