Evon was waiting for me with a breathtaking smile. It was a smile where his whole face was involved as if he was genuinely amused by something, a private joke. The corners of his deep-set brown eyes crinkled, the corners of his mouth lifted into a full half-circle showing his animal-white teeth. He was tall, … More Evon

Nice View

Man, he is hot! I was suddenly so aroused I couldn’t keep still. My pelvis was moving on its own accord, and my nipples were hard like berries. I couldn’t control a terrible need to touch myself and to pinch my nipples. It was a combination of a burning and an itchy sensation. My forehead … More Nice View

Honeymoon Suite

As soon as the door to the honeymoon suite closed with a gentle ominous click, Evon whispered menacingly, “Take the dress off.” I stood petrified studying the floor as if the answers would reveal itself if I looked hard enough. “Take off the fucking dress!” Evon bellowed so loudly I jumped three feet high. I … More Honeymoon Suite

Strip Club

I ended up at a strip club called Sapphire. The girls were warm and the beer was cold which suited me just fine. I found a comfortable couch with a clear view of the pole dancers. The attentive waitress with most of her boobs spilling out kept the beers coming. I probably had at least … More Strip Club

Three Other Sluts

“Emma!” Evon hollered. “What?” “Come here.” I rushed from the kitchen to the bedroom to see Evon completely naked spread-eagled on the bed. His penis was huge and looked as hard as a rock pointing straight at the ceiling. My mouth watered, my vagina weeped, and my eyes popped-opened glued to the monster. “Do you … More Three Other Sluts

The Ride

If I hadn’t been so scared, I would’ve enjoyed the ride. It was so romantic and exciting, with towering, twinkling skyscrapers on both sides of the harbor, a warm humid breeze blowing in my face, and the thrilling, pulse-pounding gallop of the speedboat. Evon turned his head toward me, as if to ask if I … More The Ride


I picked them out easily. There was a crowd of horny young soldiers vying for their attention. All three were dressed in similar short, skintight dresses that left little to the imagination. Big hair, long nails, and five-inch heels. I knew the type too well. They were not here to fuck; they were here to … More Sluts