Expensive Whore

I have to go. I couldn’t delay anymore. Nicholas had called a few hours ago and gave given me the update. Poor sweet Emma passed out from the night’s excesses. I’d used her like an expensive whore I paid for the night. Nothing was out of bounds. I’d used every toy in the bag, sometimes … More Expensive Whore

Romance Novels

Instead of answers, I got even more questions the more I thought about it. So I stopped and just relaxed, waiting impatiently for Evon and Nicholas to wake up. Evon woke up after two days. I was reading another Linda Howard novel by his bedside when he interrupted a really exciting part, where the hero … More Romance Novels


Nicholas stood at the helm with his back to me, which gave me a chance to really study him without his knowing. What an enigma he was. He stood with his legs spread shoulder width apart for balance on the fast-moving boat. The day was gorgeous, with clear blue skies, deep turquoise waters, and moist … More Predator


That’s all I thought about, day and night, twenty-four/seven: Emma. “Nicholas. I will say this one time and one time only, so listen carefully. If something happens to me, promise me you’ll see to it that she’s safe and well cared for, never lacking anything in her life for as long as she lives. Swear … More Emma

Man Hands

“Emma, come here and massage my feet” “But I’m doing the dishes.” “Leave them!” Emma ran over, sat down, lifted my feet onto her lap and proceeded to massage me, lightly scratch me, draw circles, write mysterious messages, and pampered me with her warm, tingly hands until I fell asleep. I wasn’t sure how long … More Man Hands


I was so hot, sweat was forming on my upper lip and between my breasts. Something heavy and burning was draped across my hips making my legs numb. I tried to move but I couldn’t, the thing was too heavy preventing me from moving an inch. I slowly opened my eyes and saw light coming … More Sweat

Insatiable Appetite

I couldn’t tear my eyes from her provocative pose. I wanted to attack her, devour her, rape her. My dick was twitching uncontrollably. I shook my head and rub my eyes trying clear the erotic fog taking over me. “Stop that!” I urged weakly. “Stop what?” Emma asked innocently while her left hand played with … More Insatiable Appetite