Prim and Proper

She looked like just the type I couldn’t stand—wanted to talk about everything, shocked if I fucked her doggy style, and cried at the drop of a hat if I said the wrong thing. I was so pissed by the way she was affecting me, just sitting there quietly with her seatbelt buckled and her … More Prim and Proper


I turned completely around and was confronted by Evon in all his glory. He was still in his underwear. His dark hair was glistening, wet from the shower. His forehead was high with sharp, thick eyebrows; his eyes deep set, a light brown but shadowed and mysterious-looking; his cheekbones high, with asymmetrical dimples in both … More Vortex


I am not sure how long I had lain there when I felt the lightest touch on my left cheek. The touch felt lighter than a feather, but the heat that trailed after the touch was so intense I felt it clear to my bones. My insides melted. I felt weightless but invincible at the … More Heat


Evon was waiting for me with a breathtaking smile. It was a smile where his whole face was involved as if he was genuinely amused by something, a private joke. The corners of his deep-set brown eyes crinkled, the corners of his mouth lifted into a full half-circle showing his animal-white teeth. He was tall, … More Evon

Nice View

Man, he is hot! I was suddenly so aroused I couldn’t keep still. My pelvis was moving on its own accord, and my nipples were hard like berries. I couldn’t control a terrible need to touch myself and to pinch my nipples. It was a combination of a burning and an itchy sensation. My forehead … More Nice View

Honeymoon Suite

As soon as the door to the honeymoon suite closed with a gentle ominous click, Evon whispered menacingly, “Take the dress off.” I stood petrified studying the floor as if the answers would reveal itself if I looked hard enough. “Take off the fucking dress!” Evon bellowed so loudly I jumped three feet high. I … More Honeymoon Suite

Strip Club

I ended up at a strip club called Sapphire. The girls were warm and the beer was cold which suited me just fine. I found a comfortable couch with a clear view of the pole dancers. The attentive waitress with most of her boobs spilling out kept the beers coming. I probably had at least … More Strip Club