God’s Gift

“Stop! I can’t do it again.” Evon pleaded hoarsely. I ignored him and kept licking him all over. I just couldn’t seem to get enough. The taste, the smell, the texture, the heat, the tingling on my tongue were all just too addictive to stop. I couldn’t stop even if I’d tried. This must have … More God’s Gift

Suck My Dick

“Why the fuck are you crying? Stop it!” Evon commanded angrily. “I … I …” I was sobbing and hiccupping so badly I couldn’t get a word out. “Come here!” Again, I didn’t walk on my own; he forced me to his side. “You’re annoying me! Stop!” he barked. Evon grabbed me with his good … More Suck My Dick

Send Nudes

January 14, 9:26 a.m. Emma Ford To: Evon Svacic Don’t worry. Your crazy American pussy will take good care of you. 😉 The rest is just all fun. Nothing will go bad, you’ll see. I promise it’ll be the best time. I’ve got everything covered. Relax. Trust me! I won’t let anything go bad. I … More Send Nudes

Swear Words

I couldn’t believe the stuff I was writing to Evon. I was brought up prim and proper. I never swore. Even when I thought of swearing, the words felt strange on my tongue before I even said it out loud. And here I was writing so many swear words my mother would have had a … More Swear Words

Warm Silk

I was dreaming about that girl. I was fucking her as if I’d never fucked her before. I wanted to drill her to the other side of the earth. She was just as wild, biting and scratching. She didn’t want gentle; she wanted rough and hard. The harder I fucked her, the more she responded … More Warm Silk

Sex Maniac

What is happening to me? I’m a sex maniac! I couldn’t get enough. I was still horny, and we’d already made love three times. We hadn’t even kiss. I hadn’t even taken off my clothes, not even my underwear! I pulled my underwear up and walked slowly back to the car. Evon was leaning partly … More Sex Maniac