Three Other Sluts

“Emma!” Evon hollered. “What?” “Come here.” I rushed from the kitchen to the bedroom to see Evon completely naked spread-eagled on the bed. His penis was huge and looked as hard as a rock pointing straight at the ceiling. My mouth watered, my vagina weeped, and my eyes popped-opened glued to the monster. “Do you … More Three Other Sluts

The Ride

If I hadn’t been so scared, I would’ve enjoyed the ride. It was so romantic and exciting, with towering, twinkling skyscrapers on both sides of the harbor, a warm humid breeze blowing in my face, and the thrilling, pulse-pounding gallop of the speedboat. Evon turned his head toward me, as if to ask if I … More The Ride


I picked them out easily. There was a crowd of horny young soldiers vying for their attention. All three were dressed in similar short, skintight dresses that left little to the imagination. Big hair, long nails, and five-inch heels. I knew the type too well. They were not here to fuck; they were here to … More Sluts

Meat Sandwich

“Bok. We noticed you’ve been alone all night. I’m Gabi, and this is my friend Nina.” The taller of the two smiled a flirtatious smile as she leaned into me. I could smell her sweet but slightly nauseating perfume. She and her friend were quite good-looking, just up my alley with big boobs, dark hair, … More Meat Sandwich

Expensive Whore

I have to go. I couldn’t delay anymore. Nicholas had called a few hours ago and gave given me the update. Poor sweet Emma passed out from the night’s excesses. I’d used her like an expensive whore I paid for the night. Nothing was out of bounds. I’d used every toy in the bag, sometimes … More Expensive Whore

Romance Novels

Instead of answers, I got even more questions the more I thought about it. So I stopped and just relaxed, waiting impatiently for Evon and Nicholas to wake up. Evon woke up after two days. I was reading another Linda Howard novel by his bedside when he interrupted a really exciting part, where the hero … More Romance Novels


Nicholas stood at the helm with his back to me, which gave me a chance to really study him without his knowing. What an enigma he was. He stood with his legs spread shoulder width apart for balance on the fast-moving boat. The day was gorgeous, with clear blue skies, deep turquoise waters, and moist … More Predator